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Brazilian Body Contouring

Body Contouring


Have you spent countless hours in the gym and tried to starve yourself just to shave off a few pounds? Then did you search for other solutions, but then found out how invasive, expensive and painful the alternatives were?

Body contouring is any procedure that enhances your silhouette. It breaks down fat, tightens excess skin, reduces cellulite, tones your muscles and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. The best part is body contouring is pain-free, drug-free and noninvasive, delivering long-lasting immediate results. 

Also, it’s far less expensive than what other treatments or surgeries would cost you.

Butt Lift


A type of Vacuum Therapy that is the most effective way to enhance your rear appeal and sculpt the curves of your glutes using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring. You can eliminate a sagging behind by adding shape and volume. 




Stomach (1 hour): $85

Back (1 hour): $85

Bra Fat (1 hour): $85

Upper Legs (1 hour): $115

Full Legs (2 hours): $135

Upper Arms (1 hour): 85

Full Arms (1.5 hours): $95

Lipo 360 (1.5 hours): $135

Butt Lift (1 hour): $75



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